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We have all your precious photo prints made into a digital photo album that can be viewed on any DVD player or computer. You can even select songs of your choice to play over the top of the digital photo album giving the album a whole lot of heart.

We also give you a copy of all your photos on a CD so you can store them safely as to protect them from damage, and happily make copies to pass on to friends and family.

We also offer a photo restoration service where we can restore damaged photos. From getting rid of annoying red eye to just touching up photos that have faded with age. We can even put together photos that have been torn into pieces!

There are different price schemes depending on the types of photos you have. If you have digital photos, as in, already on a USB drive or CD then to make the album will cost .25 cents a photo. So you could have a 100 photo album created for just $25 and that is with your choice of song(s) over the top.

If your photos are in actual print format, then they require individual scanning and comes to a cost of $1 per photo, once again with your choice of music over the slideshow.

Costs of photo restoration can vary depending on the amount of damage so please enquire about individual costs.

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